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POLL: A better kind of heatmap?

I was thinking about how funscripts only communicate speed/intensity and not stroke length, and about the ways that @Lucifie has been sharing some of his epic script patterns lately and I kind of got to thinking - why don’t we just include stroke length in like…all heatmaps?

I’ll give some examples:





Which of these two Cock Hero funscripts had more care and attention go into it?

Kind of hard to tell, right? Well how about now?

The code to generate these kinds of funscripts is very simple - basically the same code that is used to generate the colours, only using the top/bottom position averages instead of speed. What do you guys think?

I guess they look ‘messier’, but I feel like the shapes really communicate a lot about what you can expect from a funscript. Is this handjob script playful, with her switching up her technique a lot, or is it a methodical milking with fast, consistent, full strokes? Easy to tell, at a glance!

Compared to the ‘normal’ kind of funscript, what do you think of this style?
  • It’s way better
  • It’s a little better
  • I don’t mind either way
  • It’s a little worse
  • It’s way worse

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These heatmaps are looking way better and I am absolutely sold to it. If I could get them like this, I would probably replace the old heatmaps with it.

Shows the stroke length and gives a perfect overview on the average stroke length. And the colors shows how intense the script is.

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This is so awesome :heart_eyes:
I realy like this idea.

Here are some quick and dirty examples made with photoshop just using the heatmap as an overlay on the preview.

My concern is, that short script might look weird this way. But there would always be the possibility to select the heatmap type for export that fits better.