Poll: Do you prefer male or female movement in scripted vr?

My favorite thing in scripted vr is doggy style where only the girl moves. It seems to be super rare because nobody categorizes girl/guy movement differently or seems to give any clear direction in filming that a section should be one way or the other. It’s almost always a mix, and I find that tragic, because they are so strikingly different that if you want one, the other is very much NOT what you want. So, here’s a poll to see how strongly other people feel about it.

  • Prefer ONLY female movement
  • Prefer more female movement
  • Prefer a mix/Don’t Care
  • Prefer more male movement
  • Prefer ONLY male movement
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For me the issue is the visual perspective with pace / changes and the funscript author’s ability to capture it.

I’m not moving, so for the purposes of immersion I prefer female movement. My favorite scripts are blowjobs and I don’t even bother downloading the face fucking scenes because it’s male movement.

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POV: Female movement
Non-POV: Male movement


I concur with that assessment.