[Poll for content creators] Missing generator features / options in ScriptPlayer

Quick poll to collect some ideas:

As the creators among you might know, ScriptPlayer can generate a lot of media from videos which is quite useful when uploading scripts.

  • Animated GIFs (single or multiple scenes)
  • Thumbnail Banners (Preview tiles)
  • Heatmap of the script

Is there anything else that would be useful?
Or additional settings for existing features?

Here are some things I have come up with and might integrate someday:

  • Screencaps (Simple and boring - that’s why I haven’t done it yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  • Script Histogram (by speed, duration and / or position)

I’m not sure how difficult it’d be, but it would be cool to have a VR style GIF/thumbnail banner generator. Where it only shows the view of one eye and not distorted too much. Instead of creating a GIF of both eyes side-by-side.

And thanks for all the work you put in for :slight_smile:


Hmmmm … I’ll look into it, but I don’t think FFMPEG has the necessary shaders/transformations built in



Unfortunately I was right - there is no built-in ffmpeg filter that can properly flatten 180/360 degree videos, but I managed to add an option to only use the left half of a video when generating preview gifs, thumbnails and thumbnail banners.

Some previews:
(Only left half compared to my failed attempts of removing the distortion)

None of them showed any significant improvement over just showing the left half.

Left Half DeLense18

Left Half DeLense22

Left Half DeLense33-0

Left Half DeLense50

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Thanks for looking into it, can’t wait to try it out! I actually think the bottom 2 look okay, but it may be different results with various videos.

If I think of any other features to add, I’ll let you know

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I’ve been meaning to ask, what is the .thumbs file that ScriptPlayer can generate actually used in? It doesn’t look like any format I’ve run into before.

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So far it’s only used in ScriptPlayer itself. Once it’s generated you can see a preview of the loaded video when you hover the bar at the bottom (just like youtube or pornhub).

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VR playback possibilities

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That can be done via external players (newest addition: DeoVR).
But this poll is meant for generated media like the preview GIFs, thumbnail banners and heatmap image

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Would it be possible to have an option to generate a preview gif that includes a bar on the bottom showing the script positions playing that correspond to the gif? Just a checkbox for that in the current gif preview generator settings would be perfect.

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Sounds doable - I’ll see what I can do


Definitely doable, but needs a lot of fine-tuning.
Should be ready to use within a couple of weeks or so.


PMV - All Star Girls Like Rough Sex


Huh. I never even noticed it could do that, which I guess is why I also didn’t notice it not being able to do so anymore when I modded that function to produce screencaps on mine. (They may be boring, but it’s nice being able to do everything I want in one program.)

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I think that’s already looking great! Thanks!

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Should be usable now - the positions are added below the video so it doesn’t get obscured at all anymore.
(latest build has a “Overlay Script Position” option in the Preview Generator settings):


I might add some styling-options later.
Too bad the forum scales longer gifs down so much …


That looks perfect and is exactly what I was imagining. Thank you not only for doing this, but for tackling it so quickly!

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I love this feature, it looks amazing.
However, I think I am too stupid to find it. I just don’t know how to download it from github. How do I get this to work? Sorry for stupidity.

@Slibowitz :eyes:


Got it to work. Thank you so much!