Poll for Mega Pack #20 Theme

Hello everyone! For my 20th PMV Mega pack I figured I would make a poll to celebrate and let you choose the next pack (or packs) that I work on! Please select as many as you would be interested in! The winner in the next couple days will determine the contents of Mega Pack 20! And I may use the second place results and onward as direction for packs after that as well. Some selections are repeats of themes I have done before and some are new! These are mostly the ones I have at least 10 or more videos saved to script for.

Check out my previous packs and other scripts here: https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/mythriljay-script-index-updates-wips/21819

Thanks for your participation and support!

  • Pornstar Power - Pornstar PMV focused
  • Asstastic Assortment - Ass PMV focused
  • Slick Selections - Oiled, wet body PMV focused
  • Twerking Talents - Twerk PMV focused
  • Split Screens - Split screen PMV focused
  • Wicked Workouts - Workout PMV focused
  • HMV Heaven - HMV focused
  • Juicy JAV - Japanese PMV focused
  • Miscellaneous Mix - No theme, just solid PMVs that I have saved
  • VRPMV - VR PMV themed (I may need some ideas for where to find more as I have not found a ton of good ones of these)

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I love your specific pornstar pmv’s and congrats on the 20th pack :smiley:

Hey just wanted to say I recently found your work on EroScripts and its awesome!

Well after a close battle for a while it looks like split screens is the winner and will be the theme for Mega Pack 20! I am working on it now! Thanks for all of your votes!