Poll: How do you prefer scripting in VR

I’m curious what people prefer in VR when it comes to scripting while the guy (you) still have the pants on.

  • Don’t start adding strokes to script until pants are off.
  • Script strokes when the girl teases outside the pants.

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Interesting poll. For me it might be a case by case thing…

For example: If there is a big section with pants on and physical teasing is happening “in the background” for a long time - while simultaneously other things are happening on screen - I think it’s a bit unnecessary and distracting to have that section scripted (The script for WankzVR’s Santa’s Naughty List is a perfect example of this, where Lexi Lore just won’t stop compulsively “caressing” the pants with her hands after the 29min mark).

On the other hand: When there is a bit of pants-on-teasing happening just before the act (usually right before the pants are pulled down) and that atmospheric moment in the scene is focused on that teasing (more likely in a 1on1 scene than in a threesome or group) - I think that’s a much more personal interaction and I do want to be feeling that.


For me the strokes are too strong for what is being displayed on screen. Its supposed to be a tease, but that’s not what it feels like :wink:, which is why I prefer no strokes, kind of ruins the anticipation. Unless we had a device that could mimic a couple fingers rubbing on one side. Haha…I just had a vision of a couple robotic arms coming out of the OSR ( :thinking:…Tempest?).

I know some folks in the past have offered 2 versions of their scripts, one with teasing and one without which was great.

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With slightly more than 50 votes there isn’t a clear winner. Some like scripted teasing, some don’t. Personally I don’t script it, but I was curious if I should, hence the poll. Without a clear majority I’ll stick to how I script for now.

Thanks to all who participated.

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