Poll: Is your setup always mounted?

I have an OSR2 which I mount to my desk using a monitor arm. It’s not a difficult task, but after a few times I got tired of:

  1. Get the arm from the closet
  2. Mount it to the desk
  3. Get the OSR from a drawer and mount it to the arm
  4. Connect the cables
  5. Use it :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Disconnect cables and tidy them
  7. Unmount OSR from arm and store it
  8. Unmount arm and store it

It’s a pain in the ass. My life would be a lot easier if I could leave it mounted and ready to use, but since I live with my girlfriend it’s probably not a good idea haha. I wanted to know if I’m a rare case and you have it permanently mounted, or if I’m not alone in this endless quest :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I mount it every time I want to use it
  • It’s permanently mounted

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I have wondered how everyone uses their stuff as it is hard to tell how each set up is. I’m married and keep everything in my secret drawer. (I’ll die if I die and she finds it all :scream_cat::scream_cat::rofl:) totally wish I could leave it all set up. There are many times I just forgo ‘the good stuff’ b/c I don’t want to take the time to clean up. Wish the man-cave included a fap room!

I have the cables running under my desk ready to be connected, device is always mounted to desk mount, stored in closet with a box that has other accessories. When I want to use it I pull it out, slide it onto my desk, and plug it in. Pretty quick and easy.

My fiancé knows about it, so I’m not really hiding anything, it’s just like not stuff you leave out in the open.

if anyone got a setup pic of a kiiroo keon mount… please share it… I am looking for a desk solution for that cylinder…

Damn that’s wild you have to be so secretive. I used it right in front of my partner as we both got off separately and she thought it was very hot. I tell my friends about how the handy and scripts work all the time. I suppose maybe having to be secretive makes it kinky in a way though.

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Option 3: Sometimes I mount it, sometimes I don’t


Funny, I’ve been contemplating creating a similar post - I got an SR6 a bit over a month ago, and I bought the standard desk mount for it. I, too, get tired of having to mount it every time I want to use it… it has wingnuts, so it’s not the end of the world (no screwdriver needed), but I’ve been curious if anyone has a “quick release” setup for these mounts.

My OSR2 is always attached to the arm, but the arm doesn’t stay attached to my desk unless I’m intending to use it. (It’d get in the way too much.)

I used to mount to my desk each time, but the threads on the clamp kept stripping, forcing me to add more and more spacers to reach undamaged threads.

I thought about doing a permanently-mounted swing arm setup, but before I could figure out what attachment point would make it feasible, I stumbled on the idea of using a heavy umbrella stand - the kind you put big sun umbrellas in to keep them from toppling over.

I already had one made entirely out of metal, which feels like it weighs somewhere around 50 pounds. Something like this one, but heavier. The monitor stand I use is this. The VESA plate is flipped, and the whole thing is upside down from what you see in the picture. But now instead of clamping to my desk, I’ve removed the clamp, leaving just a flat plate, and insert the tube itself into the umbrella stand. It’s secured with a single large thumb screw, using an ad hoc spacer between the flat plate and the bottom of my desk to facilitate setting the same height with each mount.

It handles the extreme movements of an OSR2 just fine. Since it’s not attached to the desk, you can position it more freely with respect to your chair. It does require rotating the chair legs so that the stand fits between two of them, so you can get close enough. After removing the monitor arm, I just push the umbrella stand under my desk. If you had room, you could certainly move the whole thing out of the way without removing the monitor arm, which may or may not require disconnecting the signal and power cables. So it has the potential to be quasi-permanent.

My SR6 was permanently mounted, my new device it’s a in between.