[Poll] Should Users Be Able to Indefinitely Edit Posts?

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  • The site-wide post edit time limit has been changed to 3 days for new users and 1 month for Trust Lv.2 users (Members). After this period, posts cannot be edited, relocated, deleted or tagged. This change is already in place. You can check your old topics to see how they’ve been affected.

  • Motivated by certain users’ behavior of mass deleting their own posts, the change is hoped to maintain site history and improve the continuality of discussion. The Anonymize feature will be used in request of account deletion.

  • The change affects topics under Scripts, Software, and Script Collections, which are topics that requires updates in the long term. Since edits are not available, updates have to be done using replies. Alternatively they can be turned into “Wiki-post”, which can be edited at anytime, however also by anyone.

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What’t your opinion on the changes to Edit Time Limit?
  • These Changes Should Be Applied
  • These Changes Should Be Reverted
  • I Don’t Care
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*Voting is limited to Trust Level 2 users and beyond.

If you have other opinions on this matter, please share them below.

This discussion actually came up earlier, before the changes were made.

I would prefer option 3: Keep a “history” of edits that can be reverted by mods/trusted users (like on the stack exchange network), but I guess that’s not a feature :frowning:

Between those two options I think 3 days is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too short and one month won’t be enough for perma-threads either, but I wouldn’t make a fuzz about it either way. As long as we can edit Software and Script threads, the proposed solution should work :+1:

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Recent ones (restricting edits). The proposed solution (wiki-post) mentioned in the summary are made by Hugecat.

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That’s how editing works / used to work. There’s always a history of the previous edits. I’m not sure if there’s a button to revert to a previous version, but you could always copy the content of a previous version and bring it back.


Yes, not all roses though.

The idea is that if you think your post will require a lot of updates in the future, you manually turn it into a “Wiki-post” after posting it. A wiki post is editable indifinitely, however it is also editable by anyone.

Or, just update by replying to your own post… Which would be a mess as i imagine.

The restriction on editing is already in place. You can check your old topics to see how they’re affected. At one point Hugecat commenced changing all Script Collections topics into Wiki-posts, although I think he has paused it due to the controversy.

I’m highly skeptical of the Wiki-post option, mostly due to the potential future workload on mods and my perception of the availability of mods.
I also don’t share the sensibility of hugecat when it comes to the need for topics to remain up and searchable in perpetuity, but I’m doing my best to sympathize with that perspective.


My main issue with the wiki-post solution is the whole “editable by anyone” aspect. If they wanted, someone could right now just essentially nuke most of the howto section, and it’d likely be a lot of work to get it back the way it was. Now take that, and expand it across all the Scripts/Script Collections/other posts. All it would take is one person with a grudge to effectively wipe out the entire site, assuming everyone makes their posts into wiki-posts to preserve the ability to edit them in the future. Sure, nobody’s had a reason to do this yet. But I’d like to not give them the opportunity, if possible.

If there were a way to make it so certain wiki-posts were only editable by specific people (plus mods/admins probably), I’d be more on board with it. And maybe that’s possible? I don’t know. But right now it feels like we’re about to just take out our front door entirely and just assume nobody will try to rob us because it hasn’t happened before.

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To supplement some information on the “Wiki Post” feature.

This actually is a feature. Only usable by mods and admins.

This is not a feature. The best security measure we can take is to restrict edits to “members” (users with a good amount of activity) and hope the mods show up in time when someone lost sanity to their grudge.

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