Poor Wifi signal strength - advice needed, the Handy


Considering buying a handy - but the room I’ll use it in has patchy/intermittent signal back to the router.

I want to mainly use it with my PC (MFS, Faptap, StrokeABeat etc), and my original plan was to connect using bluetooth, but the more i read about it, the more I think this could be an issue as I keep reading that the handy receives its instructions via wifi.

Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated!

The handy only receives the scripts from the websites via wifi. If you want to use bluetooth you would need the script, and preferably video, local (downloaded) to your PC.

Setup a so called mesh network where several routers create one wifi-network together. Most modern ASUS routers have mesh network support built-in ready to be activated. You can also buy mesh network router devices that are easier to setup.
Just a few examples I found (there are many others):


These are not my recommendations, I just googled so that you know what I’m talking about.

A cheaper option can be to buy a wifi range extender.

These the most common ways to get a good signal in rooms far from the main router.

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