Position Preference?

I tend to take videos that I have and then break them up and sort/organize them into positions and scripts of just the actions.

In general I was wondering what type of positions are preferred if I were to post some compilations I’ve made.

  • Cowgirl
  • Reverse Cowgirl
  • Missionary
  • Doggy
  • HandJob
  • BlowJob
  • Multi Person
  • Prefer Full Scenes
  • No Preference

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In a follow-up does anyone know the best tools to combine multiple video files and funscripts together to make a compilation?

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I wish to see some 69 from the guy perspective one day, would be great! I love too see a girl from that angle

I don’t know that any tool exists explicitly for the purpose of combining movies and scripts. It wouldn’t be difficult to write a simple script that offsets an entire Funscript file by a certain amount, but that would still require taking notes while editing the videos, to figure out which chunks of the Funscript to take, then how to offset them overall.

Given how difficult it is to find a decent video editing solution without paying through the nose, I don’t think it’s likely a consolidated tool for editing movies and scripts together will appear anytime soon.

Thanks, I’m not super concerned about doing it in one tool, I’ve made some compilations before and I wasn’t really happy with the program/process so I was looking for better tools.

Does anyone know good software for combining multiple videos of differing resolutions?

I’m also not super concerned about making the funscripts, since I know how to deal with it, just was wondering if there was a tool for it.