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Post preview not alligned for Hide Details

If you add Hide Details elements in your post then the preview is always closing them so your right and left windows do not allign correct. If you open them manually they are closed again when you change your post. This might be no problem if you want to hide only a few words but it is very annoying if you hide half a page and always have to scoll to find the correct preview :neutral_face:

I hope there is a fix for that…

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sorry, unfortunately I have no control over this particular behavior. One thing I could possibly do is add the spoiler tag (which works differently than the hide details feature).

If you feel strongly about this, I can see about adding it

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It looks like it just blurrs the text/image. Thats not the same :confused:. I just want to hide the text so the post is smaller and can be expanded if needed. Thanks for a lookup.

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