Povr/WankzVR scripts with heresphere?

Anybody know of a way to use the povr/wankzvr scripts in heresphere? They use https://connectandcontrol.me/ which only seems to work in the browser… I think this really sucks for many reasons but most notably due to the resolution cap at 1920p.
I have a handy so I would even be glad to have a script token if that is somehow possible.

Yeah it really sucks. The ‘old’ scripts are at least downloadable so you could download video + script but the new ones are only streamable. I hope they make them all downloadable or maybe ‘up’ their ‘streaming-game’ :sweat_smile:

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I asked and it seems they’re already working together with the developer of Heresphere to implement a solution (hopefully this is something that supports downloads as well). They are also exploring the option of using handy script tokens. So hopefully this will be a better experience soon :slight_smile:

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