Preferences for scripting orgasm scenes?

I have a few WIPs scripts on my system that I’m not satisfied with. I never really know what to do when it comes to orgasm scenes. I could just stick to the major motions, without placing undue focus on ejaculation, but I feel like I should do something to emphasize those moments and help push the user over the edge at the same time, even if it means being slightly inaccurate.

Does anyone have any particular preferences for how they like ejaculation scenes to be handled in scripts, or any specific scripts they think handled it well? This isn’t accounting for JOI videos, which are usually pretty good about giving the watcher time to ride out the orgasm in the videos themselves.

I tend to fall into this category personally.

same here. A little vibration with the orgasm goes a long way

I prefer following the major actions, then fill in the gap with gradually decreasing vibrations.
It’s a good way to spice up orgasm without breaking the immersion too much.

These won’t necessarily push the user to orgasm (at least for me). More of a way to empathize it.

Sometimes I exaggerate a couple of strokes shortly before the climax to help the user finish. Usually because the strokes prior to orgasm isn’t stimulating enough.

If there’s no such fast strokes before orgasm, it’s fair to improvise. I personally do a combination of full length stroke and upper strokes.

But be selective on where to put these strategies. In an animated scene the hero can cum 12 times in a minute, better not to force people do the same.

I dont know if this counts but I made this

For me I tried to play around with the ejaculation scenes and try to incorporate the girl’s orgasm too among other things. I think it came out well but definite during those scenes I threw movement out the window in favor for the senation