Pressing "U" after coming to the site from google navigates you back

So this has been happening for a while now but I just now figured out the cause/how to reproduce it. When coming to the site I always just type eroscripts into chrome and hit enter. This takes me to the google search results with eroscripts being the first result. I click it, click log in (private browser so have to log in every time), and my email has a “U” in it and sometimes my browser would navigate me back when typing “U”. I just come to the realization that if I click “U” on my keyboard after being navigated to the site it kicks me back.

I’m using Chrome on Windows 11. This behavior doesn’t happen if I type in and the browser takes me directly here. It’s only when coming from google search results.

It’s the software EroScripts is running on called “Discourse”. Discourse has multiple keyboard shortcuts such as the “U” key being a key that you can use to go back 1 page.

Here are more keyboard shortcuts you can use:

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Huh, the more you know. Thanks for the info!