Producer seeks scripter for a VR episode

Hello, I produce VR videos that are available at the usual VR sites.

I would like to pay someone to write a script for one of my episodes and see how that goes.

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Do you have a rough idea on how you’ll monetize the script ?
Are you gonna be paying a scripter for a flat amount or offer royalties?

For this one, I was thinking of just releasing it for free on this forum. My hope is that the monetization comes from increased views of the scripted episode on pay sites. And increased awareness of my studio. But there would be no way to track which viewers are using the script. So it would have to be a flat fee for the scripter.

This is my first time doing this, I would like to see how it goes. I will consider other monetization models later.


do you think you could link an example of your work or namedrop your studio ?

this is my channel at SLR POVcentralVR Videos: Download Best 360 Full VR Porn | SexLikeReal

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Doesn’t SLR pay scripters $100 to script any scene on their website? I remember reading that on their forum somewhere. Most of your scenes are less than 30 mins so i’m kinda surprised more of them haven’t been scripted already

Right now we only pay for Originals scripts.

Otherwise script creators can choose all the videos they see on SLR to script. I would not expect paysites to get any major gains by providing script downloads as it requires a huge infrastructure as most of SLR scripts are streamed.

Really happy to see producers trying to get scripts for their videos :+1:

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You can expect AI scripts for most of your videos soon: SLR AI generated scripts: latest updates

Oh interesting, did that change recently or did i just completely imagine the $100 + 50% of sales? My brain is telling me i read that somewhere before i started learning how to script.

those are the active options What does it take to get you scripting?

Fair enough. I suppose with the AI scripts coming it wouldn’t really make sense to continue paying a $100 bonus for scripts that aren’t going to get many sales anyways.

Are you still looking for someone ?

If u are still looking, im willing to give it a go if u like. U can check my portfolio if ur interested.