Producers are looking for suggestions to shoot edging

There are some few producers looking to start shooting edging videos.

Curious what would be the most important things to focus on. Especially for hand job movies.


Pov and lots of eye contact. Keep the dudes quiet. Also no dudes jerking themselves off at the end

Just my 2 cents


Spend a day showing the producers the scripting process. I think that will give them a better understanding of what would make a good scripted scene. Other than that, take some notes from Klixen. Nothing but slow movements from begging to end.

(Another can of worms)
Perhaps offer two video options. One with a slow edging finish, and another with a faster paced finish.


if its lying down make sure we can see the girl’s ass in the shot - panties pref

My preference would be: guy sitting, girl really up close, eye contact the whole time and lots of dirty talk while she is wanking him/me off. Pure handjob video’s like that are non-existent unfortunately.


imo without them being scripted, edging scenes go from being the most interesting to least interesting scenes to me.

as ive said before, i feel right now edging vids strongly lack variety, its like swallowbay every chick wears the same thing, its either on a bed or massage table lying down,

edging vids can be given little stories and they should feel perfectly fine with having some scenes feature the girls in sexy or even normal street clothes or work clothes, the lingerie is great but every video? its old now,

they should seriously consider scenarios though, i can think of a sasha foxx video where her sister goes for a shower so she takes the opportnity to give her sisters husband a blowjob and they get caught at the end and its sexy as hell and she is fully clothed and the dudes sitting on the sofa, THAT is the kind of handjob/blowjob scenes they need to start making as i would be all in on those!!


As others have mentioned- POV, eye contact, and silent dudes will make me pay attention. But what really sets a good scene apart for me is when she starts talking like a filthy whore. That guarantees it’s going in my favorites folder for a re-watch.

Thing is, to do it and do it well is pretty much an art form. God knows nothing will take me out of a scene faster than someone trying and falling on their face trying, or going so balls to the wall over the top that it’s almost clownish. Karma Rx is great at it. Cleo Gaultier is amazing. Kenzie Reeves, as much as I love a lot of other things about her, sometimes falls into that “clownish” category.

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Jenna Haze has a few hj and bj videos tgat are good for rhis too. I go back to sometimes even with dvd quality. Suckitdry series is one i can remember offhand