Program to control handy via tempo

Okay so here’s what I’m looking for. I’ve integrated the handy to work with another toy that uses suction and this other toy operates at set speeds of suction pulses. For this to work properly the handy has to stroke at the same tempo of these suction pulses as to “suck in” during downstroke and “blow out” during upstroke. If this timing isn’t sync’d properly it will either be suction locked and stall out the handy or try to force the sleeve down while at high pressure and kinda “jam your finger”. I have found that using the handy app’s “remote control” function with preset speed/stroke settings that match the air pulse of the other toy works perfectly. The preset patterns can utilize different speeds by adjusting the stroke length or vice versa to maintain the correct stroking tempo to match the suction tempo. The issue I’m facing is I have to manually switch between preset patterns to have variations in stroke speed. I’m looking for a program that can take these preset patterns and switch between them at random but ONLY operate at these presets. Of if there’s a script creating program where I can easily create scripts that will maintain tempo. Keep in mind I’m not a “scripter”. Any advice would be appreciated :pray:t3:

easiest way would be to script it yourself. Its very easy if its tempo, just make a few strokes and copy and paste in open fun scripter. Also, what other suction toy are you using? I’m very interested into upgrading onto suction

The suction application really makes the pleasure factor sooooo much higher. I’ve used multiple suction based toys and really enjoy them but always felt that that those toys are lacking due to the way they operate. I have the Vedo Hummer 2.0 and the F Machine Tremblr which is very similar to the Venus 2000. Both machines use suction to move the sleeve up and down rather than a mechanical pushing and pulling movement like the handy does. This always seemed like a design flaw that the sleeves for these toys just kinda hang there with no set track to move on. This makes the sleeves pop off or not move very well. I figured a way to incorporate the Hummer 2.0 to use a cheap sleeve I bought on Amazon which I strapped to the handy. I had to go through prob 20-30 sleeves before finding the right one. Now this milking machine I’ve built has a sleeve that is moved up and down by the handy and applies suction at the same time. So when the sleeve is forced down onto your “D” by the handy the Hummer pulls all the air out creating a suction feeling and when the handy strokes back up the hummer pushes air back into the sleeve releasing the suction so the sleeve will be able to stroke up and down. The sucking sensation while this happens feels amazing! It takes the best part of two great toys and adds them together. I also got a monitor mount for a desk to make this setup hands free. I really should take some pictures of this setup to show others this amazing creation. The only thing I’m lacking is a program to change the handys stroking pattern automatically. I have created certain stroking patterns on the handys app that will match the hummers speed settings but have to change these settings manually while it’s operating. There are specific speed/length settings that work and I know the handy has a mode I. Their app that will change randomly but I’d like to be able to have multiple speed/stroke settings and have a program switch between them but only operate at those specific settings. I’ll try that program you suggested. I hope I can figure it out.

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