Proposal for script pooling intergrated on eroscripts

So i remember back in the day of people pooling money together to have specific scripts made. I mainly saw that it was used for vr stuff on here. There was a discord dedicated to it. I have left the server long ago after seeing how dead it seemed to be ( also the links on here are dead). I still think this was a good idea and could probably prosper here on the site itself. No sure how this could be organized but i just wanted to bring this up to see if people are interested enough to discuss on how to bring this to life

Do you want to see script pooling integrated on eroscript?
  • Yes, let’s give it another go on here
  • No, let it stay dead
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Personally I think it would be better to handle this under the proposals about script on commission somehow.

We should avoid having the server being spammed by script pooling responses. There are already people not liking the paid script part due to the number of posts related to it. With a more traditional forum maybe, but not with discord that is based on tags and filtering (and a little bit on categories).

The most important aspect is to have verified quality scripters involved. I believe that the Script Poolers discord had some sort of control over who scripts could be assigned to. I’ve definitely been burned by poor quality paid scripts on here.

I’m not for or against the idea of having a more official commission service on here, but the first step is really locking down script quality.