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I need to offload some videos because I am constantly running out of HDD space. I have several older videos (probably very hard to find these days) that I would hate to just toss because they may be useful to someone else.

I want to put these on my Mega and post the links on ES. Would you prefer me to post in General or Script Requests? I think General makes more sense but since I may have several to share over the next few weeks I want to make sure. I am not requesting scripts be made for these, I am just offering what I am sharing to other scripters before they are gone forever.

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You can always buy an external hard drive if you need space. Last time I checked 5TB drive were going for $90-100 and 2TB drive for $40-60 from a reputable brand.

I’d be interested in filling up the rest of my Mega space if you happen to release those vids

I have started another topic to share these.

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