PSA: Mega fileshares getting zapped

Just a quick PSA- if you’re a Mega user, you may want to start sanitizing your file shares. The Noodledude & the Pornedits/PMV megas were taken down within the last 24 hours.

I remember seeing something on Slashdot earlier this month where Kim Dotcom (one of the founders) was ousted and started a bunch of drama, publicly announcing that the platform was hosting a bunch of pirated content that was being shared out. Chances are that Mega is now policing content on their platform due to this drama.

I’ll be turning down all my public shares this weekend and providing alternative links to any content (with the exception of upscales, not sure what I’m going to do with those yet).


I am currently using this site for video downloads, try it

Question is, how high is the chance we will be affected by that. Noodledude’s videos are all public and he and many other PMV creators are very well known.
We are still pretty enclosed and I hope chances our uploads getting find are low.

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Valid points, but there’s nothing stopping someone here from innocently sharing a link w/their friend who shares that link with etc etc etc etc.

Honestly, yeah, we fly pretty well under the radar here. Fairly small community and all that. And generally it takes a few DMCA complaints to get an account shut down for abuse/ToS violations. But it’s not clear whether it’s complaints or “internal housekeeping” happening over at Mega. Just wanted to throw out a friendly warning.

Yeah, that’s the problem. I am hoping people are not mindlessly sharing our links through the whole internet, but you newer know. For now I will also freeze my uploads there and see what happens.
Thanks for the PSA!

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I might have to turn off all my links too for a time and reformat them if that’s the case, bummer

I’m fairly sure they’re gonna match on fille hash checksum values and not just names.

could they do that if I zip the files?

Not if you password protect the zips. Not sure about unprotected zips though.


might have to do that then until this blows over :confused: