Pulling .funscript/txt from a site (ShibbyDex) which only offers directly-synced haptics?

Want to state up front this is not an attempt to circumvent SLR or other paid site copy protection, nor intended to be used for such means.

Specifically there is an ASMR/FemDom creator named Shibby (https://shibbydex.com/) who I was introduced to through a script another member here made.

Shibby’s offers haptic scripts for vibrator toys, and used to provide these as a .txt/.funscript extension, but has since moved to a browser-synced option.

I am wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to pull the .txt/funscripts from there, or if anyone may have them archived (I know there are some collectors here!). I am intending to use her free/publicly available content so should all be above board.

Appreciate any help/advice!

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If you “View Source” on the page (right click on most machines) near the top of the source code (around line 132), you should see something like:
<a id="haptic_url" name="haptic_url" href="https://cdn.shibbydex.com/774212d3-16f8-408e-8bef-022b98651dc4.json" class="invisible"></a>
that should get you the Funscript file which should work

go to your file u want to dl your script,
turn on spoilers

dl your haptic script

auto dl should be as .json


open this file in scriptplayer and go to script - save as


you should have your expected funscript now



Thank you both! Glad it was simpler than I realized, would always rather do things the right/supported way… plus we wouldn’t want to upset Ms. Shibby :wink:

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