Pump me with your Alpha Seed, Bryan

…far be it for me to laugh at anyone who wants to stick their cock in an exquisitely overdesigned piece of hardware, but this guy is all over the internet atm, and he made me chuckle:

In case anyone missed it, Bryan uses cameras to detect the position and motion of the cock, it then moans appropriatly using some clever AI, LLM trained, text to speech mcguffins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come equipped with six different axis of motion and a suction device (yet), but the lack of ‘hard’ sensors against the cock is a very interesting development. A few LED’s and a lil camera would weigh virtually nothing, another step closer to the perfect VR online fuck, perhaps…?

Bryan is a bit of a massive incel, he’s all about “men gotta fuck machines to save women from having to have sex for any reason other than procreation” :woman_shrugging: , but i gotta admire his work ethic… xD

His site: https://orifice.ai/

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Cool idea.

He can keep his nonsensical ideology though.
I think it should be a human right for any adult human to have the (consensual) sex of their own choosing.