Quest 2/DeoVR connection slowing down

So I’ve actually had this problem pretty much forever, and just never thought to ask here. Basically, when using DeoVR, the connection will start out just fine. I can play up to 8k smoothly for a period of time. Both XBVR, DLNA, and SLR work. Sometimes this will persist, but other times everything will start freezing up. Scripts will keep running, but the video and audio will both stop, then start again 5-10 seconds later. Usually I’ll still be able to run 4k videos from SLR and any that are natively stored, but anything above that runs into the same issue. Sometimes shutting the Quest fully off will fix the issue for a while.

I have a gigabit connection and have tested my DL speeds when this happens on other devices; so I know it’s not the overall connection that’s the problem. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense since it’s so inconsistent, and never starts out that way. I don’t have this issue with anything else, and there’s never been any throttling in my neighborhood to speak of.

Anyone else run into this or have a fix?

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