Quest 2 filemanagement


I have spent hours trying to find out how I can access the filesystem on my quest 2, so I can move scripts and movies from the download folder to the interactive folder.

I have tried to use the airlink to connect with my pc, that seemed to be the way to go. But the oculus app keeps crashing when I try to start the link from inside vr (maybe its because of my pc specs).

Am I being stupid or is it just impossible to access the quest 2 filesystem without a pc?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Normally, you simply have to connect quest2 via usb, have to install the drivers before you do (you can find them here: Oculus Developer Center | Downloads) and then you have to accept after connecting the access to the file system inside the VR goggle by clicking “accept”. after that, quest2 shows up in explorer as an additional drive

Thank you for your replies!

Unfortunately connecting the quest using a usb-c cable killed my laptop. It wont boot or repair or even reset…

Thank you facebook. :frowning:

There where already reports some years ago about cheap USB-C wires that potentially could kill hardware due to wrong electrical resistance and so on. so basically it was most likely not facebook who is to blame i am afraid :wink: But nevertheless i feel with you, big shit!

Considering I got the usb-c cable along with the headset I would say that it is totally facebooks fault. I have also been in contact with oculus support and they recommended the same as you did.

But hey, on the bright side, I don’t ever use that laptop so its not like I feel like I lost something.

I guess it really was a good decision to use linux over windows and delete my facebook account all those years ago. I think I will just stick with that and send back the quest2 tomorrow.

Could you not try to use another computer or maybe even a phone? Thats mad how a vr headset could toast a laptop. Gives powerful another layer of meaning.

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