Quest No Longer Requires A Facebook Account (Starting In August)

Since I have seen many users have a stance that they will not purchase a quest because it requires a facebook account, well here is some good news!

You still have to make an online account (Meta Account) but it seems to me to be something similar to any other service that you can easily make a dupe account for if that is your concern.


Looks like a Meta account is needed instead.

If the device needs to be online or check in to Meta to make sure you can use it, this still isn’t a good alternative.

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My thinking too when I saw this in an email earlier. Better than requiring a Facebook account, but still far from ideal.


It doesn’t take much meta data to figure out who you really are… They will link you to your advertising profile no matter what…

Unfortunately this is the price you have to pay when you buy a “discounted” product. Meta lost $10.2 billion on VR/AR last year according to an article at Android Central despite the major sales success with Quest. Many believe the plan has been to cover losses through targeted ads and by using/selling the information they collect about the users. At the same time, EU privacy laws and Apple restrictions on data collection in iOS has messed up Meta’s targeted ad accuracy. So the question remains, what does the EULA say for this new Meta account? Is it guaranteed that it isn’t somehow compared to other data from e.g. Facebook/Instagram accounts?

Remember, if you get a valuable service for free you are the product somehow.

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I just want a device that will continue to work without an internet connection or a 3rd party that can disrupt service.

Meta lost $10.2 billion on VR/AR last year according to an article at Android Central despite the major sales success with Quest.

Well this sounds like a win-win then. Get a subsidized bit of tech and contribute to a loss-leader that has yet to produce a lead.

All your points are valid and real reasons of concerns.

Only thing I will say is that you don’t need internet connection once you are past the set up. I had to rely on getting internet via an ethernet cable for a few months in the past and I didn’t experience any issues with using my quest. Now that you do not need a FB account you can create a fake meta account with fake profile info. Yes I am sure there are still ways to ID a person but I see as a way to make it more obscure especially with the changes to the Apple and EU privacy changes.


i’m one of the people that didnt wanted to buy a quest because i hate facebook, i keep away from most social media apps as i value my privacy when im at home. I know corporations already know almost everything of me (well at least google does). but not everybody that i meet in real life need to know my whole life.

Now the question is how bad is it to make a meta account, when the only meta product i use (at least the only one that i know off is owned by meta) is whattsapp. How much can they link, how much info are they gonna sent to the facebook accounts off others.

will there suddenly be whattsapp messages on my quest while im watching porn as that would be annoying…

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if the internet is to be believed, even if you don’t have; nor have ever used a FB account, FB(Meta) Has what’s known as a Shadow Profile on you which is info gathered about you from those linked to you who do have a FB account. Generally speaking any device that you don’t pay a lot(or anything)for will collect data on you, the question being how comfortable you are giving up that data for the service. Meta will likely harvest and build a profile on you, especially if you’ve linked something identifiable to multiple of their services, but AFAIK they dont have the ability to link whatsapp currently, only Messenger through linking a FB account. I also have a feeling since Zucks goal is to bring everyone into the “Metaverse”, the infrastructure for communications and such will likely start being crafted directly into the Quests OS as every bit of intergration that is needed segments the market, and hinders that overall goal. (Ofcourse companies do dumb things all the time, so don’t hold me to it LMAO)

thx for the explanation
i was gonna buy a quest 2 or a PSVR 2. Looks like i go for sony’s machine as i only wanted to buy the quest for porn while i would use the psvr2 for gaming too.


aside from being tethered and a very slight ease of use dip, PSVR2 is likely the better scenario anyway, Higher Res OLED screens, slightly bigger field of view, eye tracking, only thing it’s really missing is colored passthrough to make it a dream device.

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Cool! Completely forgot that this was coming out. I like the higher specs

Do you or anyone know if the PSVR2 will have PC support? A few people pointed out the image below at the PSVR2 showcase.

If it does not have PC support and requires a PS5 at all times then it will probably be a pass for me bc I run everything through my PC.

well i don’t have any insider knowledge, but i’d say at least officially it likely will be limited to sony’s hardware, but with Time im sure there will be clever individuals who figure out how to get it up and running on PC. We wont really know though until it actually gets released, with Sony finally releasing titles onto PC it makes the idea of their hardware playing nicely seem more of a possibility then previously considered.

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Time will tell I guess.

Ease of use, the number of hoops I have to jump through to get it to work, and how it can be used with my set up will all be determining factors for me to make the plunge.

chances they will get it to work on a pc as it doenst require the camera that the 1 used but wether it will be done by sony or that some clever people will find a way i’ve got no idea, but for myself it doesnt matter.
for me price is very important i wont pay more then roughly $400 for a VR set so its the quest2 or the psvr2 all the others are too expensive and need an update on my pc of at least another $500.

For the PSVR 2 Im just very curious how the haptic feedback on the headset will work is it just a fun gimmick or does it really reduce motion sickness. i know i will love the haptic feedback controllers as i already am a big fan of the ps5 controller.

Also im curious if they get the eye focus feature working correctly if so it will reduce the processing power by a lot which helps by games i read somewhere they are saying that virtualy every aaa game could be working in VR because of it.