Quest2 included cable for data transfer?

I’m thinking of buying a Quest2. But I have a question. Can I use the included charge cable for data transfer from pc to the quest? To upload my VR movies? Is the included cable USB-C To USB-C? cause I don’t have a USB-C Port on my computer… Is it recommended that I buy another cable then or will I be fine with the cable in the box?

I found a normal USB to USB-C that came with my Anker power bank. Maybe I can use that? If the one in the box is USB-C → USB-C?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks alot!

edit<Any colored usb-C cable will work, I even use link with a regular 3a usb-C cable for vr streaming off desktop. It was like $10 the link cable is super over priced unless you need something 20’+ long. the standard black cables are usually charge only.

But is it possible with the included cable to upload the videos to the quest2… Or with my anker cable. So i can use it in the meanwhile while maybe waiting for my link cable.

one it comes with says charging cable, id assume that mean it will only charge. i googled Anker cables, ones im seeing are usb 3.0 (blue end on the usb side) and should work for data. edit< the ones i am seeing with standard powerbank also charge only>

Then i guess my oneplus 3t cable should work cause it can transfer files to my phone from pc.

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yes it should, only difference will be speeds at that point. if it’ll work on phone it’ll work on quest.