Question about keeping my PC virus free

So i download all the porn i like to my phone using url to mp4 converters. I was curious; can viruses meant for computers piggyback on those videos if i were to transfer them onto my computer? I have antivirus protection. But i dont want to risk my $3.5k rig on some porn just so i can watch it on a bigger screen lol

Technically mp4 is not executable code so it can’t contain a virus in itself. However, software that plays mp4 could have flaws/bugs that could be exploited with specifically crafted malware that exploit vulnerabilities in the software. Those are very rare, but there have been cases with it in images before. Anyways, you are probably more exposed to viruses just by being online on the Internet at all rather than being affected by “infected videos”. If you are running a legitimate copy of Windows 10/11 then you have Defender built-in that includes real-time antivirus capabilities too.

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A smartphone is essentially just a small computer with a different OS, so unfortunately the answer is yes, viruses targeting desktops could theoretically spread through a smartphone.
However you shouldn’t worry too much about viruses nowadays if you have your standard protection in order. You should be more worried about phishing attacks in day to day internet use.

Oh, and since people usually forget about it (even I had to edit this message after posting) you should always backup your stuff. Extremely large external HDDs are relatively cheap nowadays, especially considering you’ve already sunk multiple thousands in your computer to begin with.

I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Ive got an expensive rig as well and have yet to face any issues. You can always manually scan a folder containing all your downloaded stuff with windows defender or your antivirus software of choice to check and see if their is any potential threats. Just be smart and make sure what you download is a known video format (ie MP4) and not something else.

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