Question about Loli content

I have a question about what kind of content is allowed. I noticed that most hentai is on here seems ok even if it has rape elements involved. I was wondering if all loli content is ok or what the limit is? In particular there is a artist named “Chalk” that makes loli videos but has rape, snuff, and even beheading in them. I’ll admit that I’m not into all of it, but some of his stuff is my thing. Is this type of content ok to post about or ask for scripts for? I can link an example, but I don’t want to get in trouble on here. Thanks!

as of right now, we’ll get rid of any videos of people non-consentually in videos or we believe may lead to imminent legal threat. We’re currently okay with loli as long as it’s sufficiently non-realistic.

In general, all the mods are fairly laissez faire. But there’s probably extreme stuff that will make us rethink our position if it comes up.

That’s not really an answer to your question, but use your best judgement I guess, and if problems occur we can take it case by case.

I replied to the request thread but if people would be willing to have a discussion here I’ll give my personal opinion here as well.

I think with animated stuff there shouldn’t be anything that is outright prohibited in terms of acts.
Of course, there could be limitations on usage of models that are based on real people, but that would be very tricky to enforce since many HMVs have many rapid cuts. Plus, not everyone is aware of which models are scans of people and which aren’t.

Now after saying all that, I still think there should be clear tagging of extreme stuff so that users who are averse to such things wouldn’t lose any sleep over seeing something they don’t like.

most of the convo is already happening over in the request that chronuss posted. Let’s consolidate conversations over there, plus it’s more in context.