Question about scriptplayer

So i uses handy with the scriptplayer, and recently I found a problem with some scripts. A lot of scripts just seem like they are ignored, so whatever script was loaded before it would play again, this is an issue that happens randomly with no pattern, some scripts just gets ignored and the previous one plays, not even an error message or anything.
Did this happen to anyone else? If so, how’d you fix it?

I never had the problem with the scriptplayer. Do you have some example scripts? The link to the scripts are enough, don’t post other peoples work here pls :sweat_smile:

Aight I found the reason. scriptplayer has very delicate reading methods on the titles of scripts and videos, so slight bad formats and empty spaces will mess up the scripts. What I did was change the names of videos to be simple letters and spaces, then copy it over to the script files. All solved.

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