Question for openfunscripter and JFS

Hey, guys. How did you drop points into a script in OFS? I read the tutorial and I assume it is basically the same as JFS, but I can’t get points to be added. I can view the script and video but no luck on adding points. I have used JFS to create all my scripts but wanted to give OFS a try.

I am having issues with JFS…lags on some videos and scripts. Just acting erratic. Think I should uninstall and re-install it?


To place points at cursor position, juste press number key :
KEYPAD 0 = position 0%
KEYPAD 1 = position 10%
KEYPAD 2 = position 20%

KEYPAD 9 = position 90%
KEYPAD . = position 100%

You can change this in the menu OptionKeys

Also, you don’t edit the file.script directly. Th data is store in the editor, in a project. When you finish the job, you must export the file.script.
The project can be saved, and you can store many script in a projet.

At first it’s a bit tiring but after a time of habituation this tool is really useful and very permissive
You can program some personal tool with the language Lua or use some tool posted be other peaple.
Exemple I create this tool : My Tools - Extension for OpenFunscripter
And I will add more stuff soon :upside_down_face:

Or this one is realy cool :

Thanks. Ya, no. That isn’t working. When I try adding points with the numerical keys, there is nothing. I can move frame to frame but the keys won’t lay any points down. I can with the action editor, but that will take forever to make a script.

My guess is that you don’t have numerical keyboard, only normal keys over letters? Then rebind the keys under preferences, this should solve the issue (NUMPAD 1 → 1 etc.).

You can also add points by holding shift and left clicking on the timeline, but numbers are more convinient.

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