Question for Video Editing Pros: Slow-Mo -ing and VR Video

The title says it. I would like to slow down some VR movies and clips in my library to something like 85% so that I can I enjoy them with slowed down scripts. What would be the best workflow for this? I would still like to maintain 60fps, so perhaps I would have to interpolate most movies to higher fps so that I don’t get frame loss back down to 60fps?

What software would be best for this? Adobe Premiere? I am am a novice at this, trying to watch youtube videos but I think I am just getting myself confused a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Thanks. This is very helpful.

I am able to trim videos to small chunks using Wondershare Filmora - like 5 min long riding scene. The resolution I would be aiming for would be 4K. I am not sure about watching slow-mo in VR as far as comfort is concerned, but I am thinking 85% speed at 60fps should be OK. I will have to experiment and see.

This would be a livesaver if I get it to work!

Dare elaborate a bit? If I trim a 45min long video from say 00:23:08:35 to 00:32:20:03, I can go to JoyFunScripter and trim the funscript for that exact duration? Any steps on how to do that? Thanks a lot.


Thanks again. So far I am able to export a 15 min clip at x0.88 speed using Filmora and from the looks of it should take about 3hrs, give or take. You have provided some great information on this thread!

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