Question in general.. re: short video/ scripts

Hello everyone….

My brain hurts and I need to just ask…

Are people getting the job done (leggo they eggo) within the 1:21 or less or even up to 2:09
Or anything under 5 mins ?

Or are you looping the video and script ?

Or wtf is going on … do you have “x-games mode” on your toys ?

Just curious !!

I having playlists in ScriptPlayer with all the shorter videos I have. Then using the shuffle function and the chapter mode. It’s pretty cool, because of the randomness. You don’t know which video you get and you don’t know which part gets played.


I see… well I’m currently using a mac air…

Using a web player for video and script.

No option for playlists or shuffle…

Maybe I need to get my dell lap running and get schooled on how / what to use to accomplish this …

Unless you have a solution for my mac

Unfortunately I have no idea, when it comes to mac / IOS.
Maybe here are some other mac users, who can give you a tip, on what to use best.

I just start the next video I pick depending on my mood. It´s not like the few seconds this takes kills my mood and the keyboard an mouse are always in reach, so…
It has not been enough of an issue up to now to search for a solution^^

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lol not so much worried about my mood being affected… more of the burden of “lube” and “gear” lol I’m unfortunately hygienically OCD and prefer not to LUBE my Macbook / Mouse or Gear … lol
I usually set up 2/3 tabs with the webplayer and thats my PLAYLIST … lol #ghetto lol

I usually have one hand completely clean and just in case a papertowel lying around. I never had an issue getting lube onto my mouse or something similar. Might be because I use the keon but overall once you´re “inside” it´s overall a pretty clean thing

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also Keon user … but … I’m not looking to pump my own tires… but my tool requires lots of lube … " African decent" lol

Being large and in charge isn’t always that great … hahah but OBV wouldn’t prefer the alternative …

Maybe I need to invest in better lube … ?? I go through a bottle in 2 good runs with y keon … all water based stuff I’ve tried em all … over the counter water based … the water based gels leave wayyy too much residue …

Hope we don´t get off topic here, but what works best for me is the fleshlightstuff which keeps slippery for a decent amount of time and doesn´t need that much. I´m not that small either, so I know that issue. Most waterbased lubes dry out way too quick. A lot of people recommend the gunoil but where I live it seems it´s not officially sold so it´s really expensive. The right lube makes a big difference, especially when it comes to keeping things clean. I apply lube once and are good to go for at least 20-30 minutes, even when it comes to the fast stuff. Other lube I mostly used with former girlsfriends dry out in toys in just a few minutes…

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The Fleshlight lubricant is very effective.
I use an SR6, the hard session not very long.
Right hand for wireless mouse
Free left hand in case and towel at hand.

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I highly recommend Stash app. Great for organizing vids and scripts, you can have playlists and swiftly jump between vids.

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this stash app compatible with IOS ?

Yes, there are both intel and apple binaries.

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