Question: Kiiroo Keon - Battery Life

Question, how long your Keon lasts on a full charge?

I’ve had my Kiiroo Keon for about a year now and I noticed that the battery is a lot worst than what it use to be. I’m lucky if this thing last more than 50+ mins on a full charge.

Yeah. I had mine for about a year, and eventually it didn’t last 30 minutes. I had to buy a Handy, only for the fact that it has a power cord. I think I liked the Keon better, but it stopping dead as things are getting exciting makes it essentially useless for its purpose.

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Pretty the first thing I did when I got mine: Modding kiiro Keon to work with power supply socket instead of Battery - howto - EroScripts
used a meanwell power supply HLG adjustable

Although I do agree buy a handy.
Handy + handsfree setup + Kiiro sleeve and case= best setup ever!

exactly the same as adekops… lasted 1 year approx… battery slowly became worst… and stopped mid action way too often… (Keon broke and is now dead, after loosing 2 pulse solo too) received a Handy yesterday and its awkward to hold in place (killing immersion) and use… … now waiting for 3rd party hardware and a “hand free” overprices gear to hold it in place…

The Powercord became #1 on the necessary list when it was time to buy another replacement for my wife

Does the Handy is strong enough to move the Kiroo sleeve with his “plastic housing” ? It look so weak… i got a gen 2 sleeve just because of the hype behind it… but the Kiroo sleeve is well known territories… i’ll test that idea sir!

When I first the handy, hated it, mostly due to the sleeve, I stored it away after first use for almost a year. After some diy, I prefer it more than kiiroo and SR6! which is just too noisy due to cheap servos TO BE fair…I used a modified / extended ergotron lach lx desk monitor arm attached to the bedframe and a bike bottle attachment. I added some self amalgamating tape on the kirro case, right where the top of the handy strap sits to stop in sliding, its rock solid.You do lose a little bit of stroke length at times, when the action gets ridiculous fast, which isn’t an issue for me personally. Plus bonus of no stuttering in wifi mode, slower and longer stroke lengths/duration compared to kiiroo. I also think the heavier sleeve helps to ‘‘dampener’’ the movements of the handy, feels more natural/gentle/softer.


I really want to try to mod it but I’m such a noob with electrical work that I’m pretty sure I’ll end up frying the Keon :sweat_smile:

Ha nah you will be alright, just pry it open, cut the battery off, solder on your chosen power supply. Job done. Dead easy and well worth it. You can only fry it by shorting the wires or overvolting it.
Plus one could ‘‘argue’’ it’s probably safer to do the mod than to continue use/stress an aged polymer battery which could cause to thermal runaway. Its got tiny little bms, who knows it even works when needed. I can imagine the news ‘‘sex toy burns down house’’ you would be famous lol jk.