Question on how others are scripting long strokes

Hey all,
I was wondering how others are scripting long strokes of 1 + seconds for the launch. I was previously halving the stroke. For instance, if a stroke went from 1 to 9 and it took 1300 ms, then I would lay a spot down at around 6, 700. I would follow with another directly after. But I am wondering if just one would do the job. Just trying to get the most out of scripting and the launch. I am scripting a Sheena Shaw vid right now with her screwing a dildo and she has some almost 2000 ms movements. The launch won’t go that slow.
Any suggestions, advice, etc., would be appreciated.

You can definitely get a long stroke out of The Launch from 100 to 0 at 2000.

ok. thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. I might have to go back and edit an ass ton of scripts in that case. :pensive:

Yeah…if there is a stroke that goes from like 100 to 40, but has a stroke that is like 2000 up after it…just take the first stroke down to 0, and as long as it’s not too fast that 2000 stroke back up from 0 to 100 will be smooth…it’s one of those times to over exaggerate even if the down stroke looks shallow on screen.

gotcha…thanks, man. just really trying to fine tune so everybody can enjoy as much as possible!

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