Question re: VR video formats -- specifically regarding non-stereo video

So, I fell like this is a stupid question… but I’ll ask it anyway. I’ve downloaded a few scenes from If I download them on my PC, they come through without two images (not side by side and not top/bottom split). I figured this was because the website realized my PC wasn’t a VR headset. So, I downloaded a video using my Quest 2. Same result.

So, is the VR formatting on just – for lack of a better word – image distorted; so that the “fullscreen” view on the VR headset looks realistic, but without providing any 3D stereoscopic effects?

Or is there something else going on?


For what it’s worth, I just downloaded the trailer for Wet, Wild, and Free! and it was 3D split side-by-side. Not sure if your player on PC and Q2 resolves them into a single image or what. I used VLC to view the vid.

Thanks! Your input gave me a few ideas to test. For reasons I don’t understand (and which I am unlikely to try to figure out), almost all of the videos I have downloaded play in Windows Media player as clearly SBS. However, all of the videos I download from VirtualPorn appear to not be SBS when played in Windows Media Player. If I stream those downloaded files to my Quest 2 and I force mono instead of stereo, I can see two distinct images. And, if I look at background items, I can see that they are from slightly different perspectives. (For example, in “Wet, Wild, and Free” the coffee table in the opening scene looks slightly different depending on the left or right eye. I can see this by closing one eye and I can clearly see it when I force the mono view.) So, the video is downloading with the stereoscopic image. But, Windows Media Player doesn’t show the split screen for VirtualPorn – but it shows the splitscreen for VRCosplayX, VirtualTaboo, WankzVR, etc. It seems odd that it only occurs with this one site. But, again, I’m unlikely to try to figure out why.

Again, thank you! I had not considered using a different player. Changing the player led me to trying other things, and that helped me find the answer to my question.

Glad you figured it out. I think some players reference the filename to know how to display it (like with LR_180 in the filename). Maybe other players have other ways to detect it like metadata. Sometimes various players I’ve used will mess up and display a 2D scene as if it’s side-by-side or vice versa but once I’ve corrected it, it seems to remember.

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