Questions about Handy Interior Parts/looking for broken handy

I’ve been using Ram Mount Type C parts and a ring clamp to make a pretty great arm for the Handy but it can be a PITA; especially when accessing the controls. The arm is amazing and basically gives me a 3-joint, 24” long arm with several table/pole clamp options but affixing it to the actual handy is janky.

I’d like to affix the Ram Mount Type C ball to the actual unit below the controls. Does anyone know what the clearances are behind the plastic casing below the controls? I’d need to fit 2 screw heads behind it with the thread sticking out- 1/4” screws sticking out 1/2” an inch or so outside the case and maybe 1/8th of an inch of clearance on the interior.

I don’t have it like that where I can afford to take my Handy apart. Alternatively, if appropriate, I’d buy (for shipping costs) a broken Handy if anyone has one to experiment with so I can prototype it.

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I actually took mine apart last night after my hands free bracket broke. Disassembly is pretty easy. There are 3 screws under the rubber disc on the bottom. 2 fine thread and 1 coarse. Remove the screws, the top will then slide up (DO NOT PULL IT TOO FAR UP), pull it up until the front can clear and the front will then easily pull straight out until the end of the wires. ABOVE the controls, to about half way back from the controls are clear. There is potential room on the bottom, but it houses the motor, the electronics, and a bunch of wires so it would be more difficult and/or risky to put screws there, but it might be possible. The bottom cap is removeable though, so it might be simple to mount there. When reassembling DO NOT overtighten the fine thread screws. This caused my carriage to bind on the up stroke. tighten them evenly, slowly, check the carriage for free movement, tighten a little more. Thread lock may be beneficial here.

For me I will likely install some rivnuts into the top with some washers to spread the load. I MAY strengthen the top with epoxy at that point too, but I was already mounting to the top.

I find that hard to believe you will use rivnuts and not paperclips like when you defused that bomb @macgyver :joy:

If mine ever breaks I’ll sell you it :+1: @Sith

I actually have a broken one that’s been sitting around for like a year! Feel free to DM me where you live and the like.

That bomb was just innocent people’s lives and me showing off, but this is my cock we’re talking about here. While it would be HILARIOUS to tell people it got ripped off by a robot, I’d prefer that to be a story I hear instead of a story I tell…

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Late but username checks out.

I reached out to Handy (business name?) and they responded that they have a hands free universal mounting option that’s going live on their website next month- apparently it’s pretty universal. Sounds like some sort of cap (what they called it). They said it would accommodate (?) a Ram mount ball so I wonder if it doesn’t have a 1/4” threaded piece as I’ve seen a lot of people using go-pro style mounts.