Questions on buying an osr2

Question: When you say the funscript is for OSR2+ do you mean the 460$ product? I saw on the website?

Yeah but you can make it yourself

yeah no i’m not good at building stuff + I don’t have a 3d printer lol, I would just order it when I’ve saved up the money, would you say it makes for a big enough difference from the handy to justify spending 500 bucks on it?

The twist alone makes a big difference, along with the range of motion and optional vibe and suck. I got mine for about Tree Fiddy

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thanks for the input :slight_smile: do you remember where you bought it from?

Send mosaic a DM
Im sure they can help you out

Tha’s a rip off price… I bought mine for $250 Canadian. All built and shipped to my door. You can sure find someone that will help you and build it for you. You shoold join this page. This is the home page of the designer who invented this OSR toy.

And if you still can’t find a decent price, let me know and I’ll build you one for a reasonable price… and ship it to you almost anywhere on this planet.

with all the options ? $250 ?

if you got it with all the options for 250CAD, I’d like to know where you got it from… cause I want the add-ons!

Building a few can help if any one interested

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I’m assuming with all the add on’s this makes it the top male sex toy that plays scripts?

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Can’t you just buy it piece by piece, and anticipate the day you can assemble it all?