Quick tip for scripting frame by frame with OpenFunscripter

Idk if I’m dumb, but I decided to make this post in case someone else has the same problem as I did.

I’ve always had a hard time getting the distance I move when using the arrow keys (left and right) to be consistent across all the videos I’ve scripted.

One example why this was a problem is because on one video where I would want 3 points right next to eachother, it could look like this:
while on another video, that exact same pattern would look like this:
which made it difficult to have consistent scripts and to get a “feeling” of how fast the scripts would be.
This is mostly a problem when I’m trying to make small vibrations in the script but also makes scripting take longer and less convenient.

While working on my current project, I had the problem of the points being too close to eachother, like the first example shows. After playing around with a bunch of settings I finally found the solution.

In the top right of this screenshot you can see the option to override FPS.
To get the result of my second example, you need to put the frame rate at 24, like you can see in the picture but you can change the numbers around to find the option you like.

Btw, you need to enable this setting everytime you open openfunscripter.


I just use a plugin (the one i made) to make most vibrations in most cases, as that has advantages of allowing even more complexity. But when truly looking for trying to get the max speed out of the device, handcrafting is still more reliable.

But this setting in my case is helpful as i prefer working in 60fps. I used to convert entire videos to 60fps before to get around it, yet this is easier.

This can also be fixed using the “Equalize” feature. Select the center point (or all three points) and press “E”.