Rape tag would be nice

Would like to see one, particularly relevant for hentai and animation posts, but would probably be useful for the occasional live action thing too.

Both for fans of that kind of thing and for those who would like to avoid it.

Same deal as the Loli, Futa, animated beastiality, furry, femdom, tentacle, etc… tags.

It isn’t always obvious what is involved in a hentai video, a lot of HMV/PMV collections also contain scenes like that that can show up without warning.

For some that stuff is super hot, but for others it can kill arousal fast. So a tag would be nice to cater to both.


fine with me is all above mention was on another site.
some of the cgi stuff is interesting even the cartoonlike stuff has a place somewhere personally i would like the videos to be held to a four-minute minimum, all the good stuff is always longer.

who says people will add the tags anyways?

+1 for this. Some spaces also use “NonCon” which, some who prefer to avoid the genre may find more palatable.


But the surprise is half the fun