Rated my Sleeves

I give 1 to 10 of all my sleeves.

Feelstar Rae Lil Black - 2 (Doesn’t feel like anything opening is too tight get messy if dick slips off)

Feelstar - Feel Victoria June Mouth - 7 (It’s ok but lil bit too much texture it kind of feels uncomfortable, maybe because it’s too tight???)

Fleshlight STU - 9 (Simple texture but very nice bumps, also opening is very soft and plump :smiley: makes it amazing with BJ scenes)

Fleshlight Boost Blow - 8 when used manually and 6 when used with Keon. Can’t really tell why but it’s definitely not that good with Keon… (Suction is nice…it’s weird but when placed condom on cap it’s amazing)

Waiting for a new Feelstar i ordered (Leigh Raven) Really hope that’s better than my other feelstars if not then it’s going to be last Feelstar i buy.

I also want to say that my member is 7.75inches long and 5.5inches girth (19.7cm/14cm)
If somebody is same size or even close could give their recommendations of a good sleeve. That would be amazing.

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Feelstar Skyler Lo is my favorite so far for the different textures. If you like tightness, Feelstar Victoria June is great too. Feels like you’re entering the toy twice.

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Im pretty close to the same size 7x5.5 . My favorite sleeve has always been FLG Christy Mack. So about a year ago I ordered another and I definetly prefer the feel of the old beat-up, slightly torn one over the new one. I find most sleeves tight so what I’ve done in the past is stretched the sleeve around the case (looks really wierd btw). I would only recommend doing this to a sleeve that you don’t like first and see if its your thing. I did like Molly Stewarts FS sleeve but nothing has come close to Christy.
As far as the Boost blow goes it feels like Im having trouble staying inside the rings when I use it with a device (maybe you too) and Ill have to try the condom trick.

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Yeah well tight is not always right. I guess i’m looking for something thats close to STU but still different.

I think i put FLG Christy Mack next on my buy list then. I also have to try that stretching thing. Thanks for your tips.

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Ill be interested to see what you think of it. Also for reference the STU is not exactly one of my favorites but thats because it doesn’t work well for me with devices.