Re-encoding 200 degree fish eye videos to play on smartphone

I have a few downloaded SLR videos I would like to re-encode to play on my iphone. I use a very capable app (MobileVR Station) which has the ability to play the 200 degree videos per the dev. I tried encoding to Apple 2160p60 4K HEVC Surround preset using Handbrake but only audio comes through when I play the video.

My goal is to output 4K 60 FPS video. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can download 4K from the slr website

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will the SLR 4k play on the smart phone? that would be awesome. I will have to try.

I was leaning heavily in stating that I have a sub there on my original post to avoid the piracy presumption but decided against it. No sir, as a matter of fact, I have a lifetime sub over there. Your company has great content.

edit: Holee! You are right! The 4k files play just fine. I’m am sure I had read somewhere that smartphone is no longer supported. Glad I was wrong :grinning:

Edit 2: The app plays them but dosent appear to project the vid correctly. Its cool though - I am getting a quest in a few weeks.

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Thx for a feedback.

Yeah, the whole thing is designed to be watched in the headset and fish-eye has benefits Beware of producers fake "8K", "7K" and "6K". Once in VR you won’t bother much about it.

Smartphones are not supported by the SLR app, yet the video files are universal. It’s just a resolution.

Great news on Quest 2 :+1:

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