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Real Body 3D


Is anyone already test this kind of things? ^^
Or bigger
The last look awesome but … 20kg x’D

Yeah, i have 20 synchronized Handy’s strapped to one. :rofl:


No really… xD never test it? ^^

How would you strap a handy on one tho?

You can’t ^^. My question is just if people already use this kind of sex toy, this is not about using it with handy ^^.

pity it hasnt got a head on it.
for me it would feel weird having sex with a headless (fake) body.
Also difficult to hide try explaining it to a gf.

The version with head is more around 1k $… ^_^.

Yes, the OSR2 was easy to expalin to mine ahah.

1k ouch you might be able to spend an hour with the real person :wink:

yeah try explaining being a paid scripter to a new gf.
What do you do for work. I watch porn for work


Oh you are a scripter? :).
You know. The people working on dev porn website get the same problem. ahah

Anyone use this toy? :slight_smile: