RealityLovers studio leaving SLR on Jan 1, 2024

For those that didn’t get the notification on SLR, it appears that the studio RealityLovers is pulling their content from SLR on the 1st of January 2024.

That’s roughly 478 vids, 14 user-created-scripts, and about 70 AI scripts that will be disappearing in less than 2 weeks. Get to downloading.


Another one?

Doesn’t seem like I have tagged a lot of scenes for watching later, so no biggy on my account.


not alot on there that i liked tbh, think ive grabbed about 5 scenes, think they could use a fresh start tbh

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Wow, i’ve been subscribed to SLR for 6 months and if you hadn’t posted this i never would have even known this studio existed.

Literally scrolled through almost their entire catalog and not a single scene caught my eye


Check out - Belle Claire + Luna Corazon - RealityLovers - Sexy Tryouts. AND there is a script available from @comrade420. One of my favorite scenes and scripts.

Amazing scene. But I agree, most of the others are lack luster.


I have like 11 pages of watch later vids and RealityLovers didn’t catch my interest once. So I either tried a video and the quality wasn’t acceptable or their content wasn’t interesting. It could’ve been both, too.

that is too much :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

Thank you for making a thread for this news @fuccaneer

I’ve compiled some direct links below to all of the scripts for the scenes I’ve personally made for RealityLovers, for those who may be interested to purchase them before they are removed indefinitely in the next few days:

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Wow, so all the scripts yours and AI are lost? I mean because of their stupid monthly restriction you cant get them with annual or lifetime before its to late? Cant you ask them to open up all the script downloads at once and the same amount per year for lifetime subs? It would only benefit them as the subscribed would use up all their 36+36AI downloads and then buy from there on. I mean this is a special case with what, maybe 10% of their videos gone? At least last day of the year.

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I was thinking of getting the lifetime subscription but there is still a limit?

yes, its best to pick up the scripts now as they won’t be available at SLR once the videos have been removed

The good thing though is, if you purchase the script directly, you always retain permanent access to the script forever in your account at SLR

Unfortunately there are no exceptions for lifetime subs as they all follow the same script limitations as monthly/annual subs

Well, the script limitations are there so that you aren’t a “data hoarder” or abuse your “privileges” by getting a one-month sub and then downloading everything you can, since you might break SLR’s servers or something.

Clearly, that should also be the same rule for lifetime subs who have paid up front and are subbed forever, right?

(Sarcasm, obviously - for everyone but doublevr)