RealSync... how exactly is this website supposed to work?

Created an account forever ago then never bought anything because they deal only in bitcoin. Now that I broke down and decided to give it a try and purchased a couple, the transaction is fulfilled but there are no links to download the scripts… so I’m guessing based on the limited info in their help section that the links are simply emailed after purchase? But I don’t think I have access to the email address that was used to set up that account and am not sure what email is associated with the account because it’s not displayed anywhere that I can see (unless the email that populates the support request form is the email associated? in which case I definitely don’t because that’s a jibberish email… but you’d think if the email address was that important to the transaction process they would have confirmed it, no?)… and see no way of changing my email address in the account info. This is just a clusterfuck

in some cases it takes several hours for the links to appear in your account on the site. don’t worry. Sometimes it is immediately after Bitcoin transfer is approved, in other cases it takes a while. never found out why :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, where do they appear?

On your account page (The little person icon on the top right)

ok because i see the order and it says fulfilled but i guess another link should appear here?

just click on the order number, then a page opens where your single ordered items are listed and beneath each poition there will be a download link…sooner or later. With My last purchase the links took 4h to appear…

ok thanks for the help

That’s my bad. Didn’t realize there wasn’t a help article on where to download the sync from.

I’ve added this to the help center:

How do I download my sync?

Go to your account page and click on the order number. Under the product title you should see a download link.

You should also receive an email containing the download links."

You should be good to download now. Let me know if you have any more issues.


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