Realsync payment

Is there any news about the payment? I tried the whole bitcoin thing and it piss me off, so much time and money wasted. Paypal or something else is much more comfortable. I don’t even care if the scripts cost 10% more on realsync, I just want an easier way to purchase.

7 Likes , buy bitcoin with paypal. And with the coinbase app on your phone you can scan the QR code for the transaction. 30m max after, you have the payement validation and can download the script :slight_smile:

You can always purchase a gift card by sending them a payment through Google Pay. I think minimum gift card purchase is 30 bucks. @Realcumber posted instructions in some of his posts some time back.

That option is only available if you are in the US.

I forgot to say, that i am from europe :confounded:

Ahh sorry didn’t realize it was US only. Sorry for the confusion :frowning:

interesting that they only accept those forms of payment, i was going to buy a bunch with the assumption they accepted paypal or CC. bummer.

Same here.

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are having with Bitcoin.

Unfortunately PayPal banned us and took all the money we had in our account. They did the same to a vendor as well. That’s money neither us nor the vendor will see again.

We would really like to add more payment options but we are not going to rush into another payment provider that’s just going to simply take all our revenue on a whim.


Sad to hear that paypal mess around :pensive:

The online credit card rates at a shopify store are not so expensive in my opinion. If you sell the a script for 4,50 Dollar you will receive around 4 Dollar. Or I am wrong?

Makes total sense you wouldn’t want to deal
With a service that acts in that manner.

I think the issue here is that the sexual nature of the product violates the terms of service for many online payment providers (which would almost certainly be an issue with Shopify). This is why most paid xxx sites do their payments through companies like Epoch or CCBill (who I imagine take a much larger cut off the top than Stripe, Paypal, Braintree or some other more mainstream credit card processor).

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Correct, which is why we have been pursing a high risk merchant account provider. Unfortunately the one’s we’ve been talking to, they don’t seem to like that we are a marketplace either. I have even offered to pay double the BRAM fee ($2,000).

Ah, you are referring to shopify payments. Yes they have even better rates than paypal. Unfortunately they prohibit adult products as well. We had them for about a month and luckily for us when they closed our account they still paid out all the money.

PayPal is awful, and they have so much power now they don’t care anymore. I can’t begin to tell you the hell I had to go through to get my money back from a scammer because PayPal is too lazy to properly examine a case and verify information. I literally had to do all of their work for them after they sided with a scammer with an obvious age-old scam.

Yeah sorry guys - as much as we would love to accept other payment methods, everything has been tried and exhausted and it looks like bitcoin is the go to for the foreseeable future, so I recommend and really encourage you guys to give that method a try sooner than later:

  • the step by step tutorial above should work for everyone and its really not that bad/hard to set up (or just ask for direct help in our discord if u get stuck) RealSync

  • you can choose to buy/exchange for only exactly what you need for an order, or have some to hold on to it for later and watch it increase in value as it seems to keep doing

Is the gift card no longer an option? I was on the site a few days ago but all mention of it seems to have been removed.

Yes, Gift card is still an option too, but it applies for US only customers - I always gives instructions on how to do that in my script posts but here’s the same info below:


  • You can purchase digital RealSync Gift Card Codes with your credit / debit card / paypal via Google Pay (unlimited uses, no expiry dates)
  • Simply visit from your browser, or open the Google Pay App on your phone, and send payment ($30 minimum) to =
  • Be sure to include “Gift Card” or similar in the memo field. If you want the card sent to a different email address include that as well.
  • Step by Step instructions here! - Send money to friends or family - Android - Google Pay Help
  • You just then enter your Gift Card Code in the Promo Code Box at Checkout at
  • Gift cards are processed and emailed out manually so email delivery times can vary but should be no longer than a few hours."

Step by Step Tutorial - How to buy Bitcoin quick and easy (also try or | Buy Bitcoins with Debit & Credit Cards )


30min Max? Not for new accounts! It took 8 days for Coinbase to allow me to transfer my $200 purchase to another wallet.

Bitcoin is quite literally the worst payment platform I have ever seen… and this is coming from someone who bought his first coins at just over $200 each (and sold them for over $15K each).


Oh 0.0.
Really sad to learn that. :confused:
I got my account for 2 Years i think. And really start to using it for 1 years.
I only add like 10-20 dollar in bitcoin max and to only transaction with it :/. Nothing big.

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