Realsync seems to need help! Thoughts

This site has been up for over a year now and they only have 130 VR scripts… from 30 scripters.

Mr. Realcumber took all of his scripts off and left… Why? And where can you buy them now?

They still dont have any payments but BTC.

Site rarely updates.

What make you think that 130 VR scripts is not enough? Try making at least one script like this, then come back and complain…

FYI some scripters at Realsync also offer their scripts on SLR.

AFAIK they accept credit cards and gift cards if you are in the US. If they start accepting Paypal the Paypal will ban their accounts because of their anti-porn policy. You might want to ask Paypal, maybe they will unlock payments just for you :kissing_heart:

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Just tested payments… Coinbase and BTC is all I see, along with a gift card.

Paypal payments just for me? Is that some kind of joke?

Why cant they take credit cards, like every other site?

And why did Mr. Realcumber leave?

realcumber now works for SLR
the scripts that he made when on realsync for scenes that are on SLR can be bought there, i guess the others that he made from studios like naughty america, badionk, taboovr are for the moment unavailable.
But its better to ask the guy himself.

As far as i understand is that cryptos is save (as far as i remember paypal cancelled their account so they lost their money). But it might be smart for them to see if they can find a payment system for the rest of the world. Cryptocurrency are for many a bridge too far.

The thing that’s pissing me off most about the crypto only payment is that crypto isn’t stable. I once transfered 100$ and it actually went down. I know that it very well could’ve been the other way around but it just puts me off when I want to do a quick, basic transaction.

@tanner - we really hope you aren’t who we think you are

Please don’t stir up unnecessary drama

For those that haven’t followed or missed it = FYI - All Realcumber Scripts at Realsync (2D + VR) will soon be offline permanently - please read if you made a purchase there!


A lot of other adult websites use a custom made payment solution and they paid a lot of money to make that happen. RealSync doesn’t have that kind of capital. Of course we’ve looked at other solutions like EPOCH and CCBill but those are subscription payment providers and more so they prohibit marketplaces (as do many other payment providers) as that is considered 3rd party payment processing.

RealSync does provide the option to buy RealSync gift cards with a credit card but as for getting the whole site under CC it is a very tricky nut to crack. I understand that is far from ideal for many and it is absolutely not RealSync’s choice. Ultimately it is Visa / Mastercard that make the rules and those rules apply to everyone from the acquiring banks to the payment gateways. Heck there are even some Crypto payment processors that follow Visa / Mastercard’s guidelines like BitPay.

Sorry that happened to you. I highly recommend using Litecoin and coinbase. You can buy only what you need instantly and because coinbase hooks up directly to RealSync, you can make purchases without ever having to move that money. Alternatively you can purchase gift cards with Credit / Debit card.

It’s not your fault at all. I’m really happy realsync is a thing and perfectly understand that you’d love to have PayPal, like you used to. It’s a shame PayPal banned you. I might have to check out the gift card solution. That sounds much more interesting than crypto. Thanks!

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I dont have Discord to message you about scripts like you wanted. sorry if asking where your scripts went is drama to you. i just was one of your customers. i guess that means nothing to you

@Evernessince thanks for the info, sounds like a real pain. I just wish the site had more updates. good luck bro

What about Alipay or Wechat Pay… is that viable?

Alipay prohibits adult items as well. They are required to in order to accept Visa / Mastercard.

Yaps taking the traditional Visa/Mastercard is always going to be an issue, since with pornography or anything relating to pornography gets you labelled as a high-risk business, which limits the choices severely, then not all high-risk payment providers will allow pornographic content sales, which limits things even more, at which point you start getting into more niche specialized payment providers, which usually means significant upfront costs, and stupidly high processing fees if you don’t have a very significant transaction volume every month, with something like epoch or verotel which SLR uses, we are talking about starting fees of around 15% per transaction, and that is just the transaction cost.

Then we have the all volatility of the entire market requiring regulations that aren’t really requirements by law, like we are seeing with SLR removing a bunch of videos to edit dumb shit like drinking, which is almost certainly happening due to pressure from the payment providers, which likely are doing it to try and not get into hot water with banks and the likes, which in turn are likely doing it because some rich conservative prick in a board somewhere thinks pornography is the work of the devil.

So yeah as much as I loathe crypto bullshit (useful tech, insane speculative bullshit all around), it is really the only payment system that is truly safe for people that are making a buck at the edges of what society deems acceptable/legal, which is unfortunately very much the case with porn, everything else is volatile, even for bigger players, I mean onlyfans was going to cut porn out of you know what is essentially a porn platform lol, and they are huge in comparison to something like realsync.

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