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Recaxis 0.1 - A Multi-Axis Script Recorder with Hand Tracking for Handy/OSR/OSR2/Launch

Hi there,

I’ve been a bit disappointed by the lack of multi-axis content but also the relatively low volume of “realistic” scripts, as well as the general effort to produce that content, so I’ve been exploring ways to solve that problem.

Recently, I’ve had some fun with a Leap Motion controller, and started working on a multi-axis script recorder in my spare time. Have a look at a preview of the software in action (youtube link):

Note that now that I have the basic tech in place, it could definitely be adapted to other needs (remote control over the Internet for instance). Another possible avenue is to make it possible to communicate with the app and make a special mode to previsualize scripts for those who are scripting with other software. Everything can be coded, so the possibilities are infinite :partying_face: .

Anyway, let me know what you think :slight_smile: !

v0.1: 72.79 MB file on MEGA


Hey bud,

This is extremely promising!! I obviously don’t know the technical details but if you were able to create a software and explain it to the layman I’m sure it’ll be extremely helpful in creating multi-axis script.

It’s cool having the OSR visualizer however is it generating points or is it just showing how the motion of the OSR.

Also, I know personally i shy away from multi-axis script because they just take so long. To get it just right you’re going through the same video multiple times over, and personally by the time i’m done scripting the primary axis, I really don’t want to go back and start over. I did however want to go back and add multi axis mostly the pitch axis to my script but if there was a faster way to do so, I’d be totally intersted.

Either good luck with this project it already looks extremely promising.

Pretty cool @grospoussin - Way to try something new! never even thought of the leap motion tbh - way to possibly bring some life back into it as I havent used mine in years :+1:

Hows tracking overall though lately? not too jittery? Decently stable?

This is super cool and the demonstration video was really fun to watch. I think what I would like to be able to do is script my video how I traditionally do for the up downs and use something like this to script just for the axis control. That would give me the opportunity to watch the video a couple times to get a feel for what is going on and, in all honesty, the axis movements can be pretty forgiving so being extremely accurate isn’t as necessary as following the up downs. I would imagine that this would be similar to the on the fly method. I guess the question is, can I use my oculus quest 2 controller to use this tech?

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This is awesome!! Leap Motion is a great choice for a spatial controller! Keep us posted :smiley:

This is so cool :grin:

What device do you have used?

Do you think it will be possible to stroke yourself and record this? So you can kinda record the action on the fly while the video is maybe at half speed. Afterwards you just have to adjust the timestamps a bit to improve sync.

Since alot of us have VR headsets we have motion controllers too so being able to use those to record multi axis movements would be fun!


Answering a few questions that were asked:

  • Tech used: Unreal engine.

  • About precision & jittery-ness: Signal is pretty stable in general, but because the Leap Motion tracks from only one point of view, it can get confused and see rotations where none occurred (specifically when hand distance increases, it sees a pitch variation). I added support for dead-zone, convolution filter, and the ability to use both hands at once to work around that limitation.

  • About using the tool to script only some axes: I plan on outputting each axis in its own file, following the conventional .funscript way, meaning you can throw away extraneous axes as you want. In subsequent versions, I might add switches to disable axes entirely.

  • I have a Valve Index (+ Index controllers), so I’ll see what can be done to make it vr-controller compatible. That being said, I have no idea how cross-compatible with oculus these things are.


Looks awesome. Cant wait to test it out. Are you planning on releasing soon? I have been looking for a reason to use my leap motion again.

That’s very promising. I might buy a leap motion just for this. Can we see the OSR overlay when watching a 180 sbs video in a vr headset? So that a scripter can use the depth perception provided by the 3d video to more accurately capture grinding and other back and forth motions?

I’m trying to have a first version ready to release in a few days.


Super interested in this. I’d be willing to shoot you a few $ for your efforts! :+1:

super intéressant, a must have for leapmotion owner like me.

Great work! I’d definitely jump into some scripting with a tool that makes it easier like this. It would also be cool to have it work as a manual control option for the OSR2 etc.

I have a Leap Motion, I would be very interested in this form of scripting. Especially for scripting JOIs.

v0.1 now available:


Just got my leap so will be trying this soon. Looks great. I wonder if I can use this to script VAM animations. Keeping it aligned with the animation is probably an issue though.

The program is very interesting and it has a lot of upside potential. Unfortunately, I cannot save any scripts that have been created. Am I doing something wrong or is it still a mistake in the application?

Have you checked the included documentation?

tl;dr: red dots are your friends to record and save.

If the master record button is on when clicking on the disk icon, any axis that has “Record Axis” activated will output a file for whatever was recorded for the axis. The file is placed right next to the movie you opened. Obviously, write permission is need for the selected movie folder for scripts to be saved.

Don’t have a leapmotion, but i do have oculus touch controllers. Is the project on GitHub or something? Would like to see if I can write support for that.