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Reccomended External Memory

I’m looking an external memory at the moment, and i would like to ask is there any reccomendation for it? for example do you guys prefer SSD / external Harddrive ? and of course i dont want to waste too much money only for porn, but i also don’t want slow data transfer speed when i want to play (frickin Dilemma xD). I already have plan to buy “Samsung Portable SSD T7”, but i’m still considering it. Any opinion?

*for the capacity i might going for 1 TB (or 2 if the price different is not that far)

Thx btw :+1:

Spinning Hard drive is more than fast enough for video playback. I buy western digital external drives when on sale and shuck them to go into my server. I forget the last deal I got. I think something like 12-16tb for around 200 bucks.

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Second what g90ak said if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck. The only real downside I see with HDD however is that they’re pretty fragile. No problem in a server rack, but you want to be kinda careful if you just have them dangling by a USB cable

Sorry, couldn’t resist it


Shuck them all as g90ak said ! And dont forget to buy one of the largest ones. Welcome to the dark world of datahoarders

well i’m not using PC or having a server at my home at the moment (maybe in the future), only windows laptop. so i need the portability xDD. but thanks to g90ak i’m gonna stick up to HDD :+1:
*WD My Passport Ultra 2TB would be my 1st choice

Really would encourage you to look into a bigger one on sale. 2tb is going to be very expensive when you break down cost per terabyte vs an on-sale WD Elements drive.

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SSD is overkill if you are worried about having enough R/W speed for downloading and playing videos. If anything your bottleneck for playing very high resolution VR videos will be your CPU/GPU combo. That being said, I would agree with g90ak. Go with a big full size external drive with power cord, as large as you can afford. Say you are willing to spend $250. You could get a 2TB SSD or a 12-16TB spinning drive for less. You will be surprised how fast 1-2TB fills up. And do you really need super portability carrying around your porn and masturbation device with your laptop?

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Yeahh thank you for mentioning,
because of it i just checked the price comparison for both of them.
and dammnn there’s just price drop for the 5tb (it’s still a lil bit more expensive than WD Element tho)

*5tb already secured ;))

and for portability i think it’s not gonna be matter anymore,
i might going to build or buy something like this