Recommendation for vr scenes

Hi everyone, anyone have recommendations for vr scenes like “your mistress awaits” with alex coal, “The edge of submission” with nika venom, “disciplinary action” with mj fresh, etc. Basically ones with a dominant girl, with a lot of teasing dirty talk, and edging? Also, I’d like them to be scripted, paid or otherwise.


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If JOI is included in what you like then have a look at WankItNowVR.
Then there is StrictlyGlamourVR with lots of girls in leather, PVC and latex and some talking.
DeviantsVR has also a number of videos where the girl is dominant.

You can find videos from all of them on SexLikeReal and some of them also have their own sites with even more videos than published on SLR. If you don’t have an SLR sub then you can check the previews at least and see if it is what you are looking for.

Search for Astro Domina on SLR as well. She is a dom and have a number of scenes on SLR.

Check these :

There are also some great fetish videos on CzechVRNetwork: Interactive Czech VR Network porn videos