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Reducing Handy Noise (Neighbors)

I have thin walls and I’m sure that my neighbors can hear the handy noise. This thought in itself kills my immersion…

Any ideas or tricks on how to reduce this noise?

Ideas I came up with:

  • Use the Handy below a blanket. Reduces the noise slightly but I don’t like the sensation of the sleeve touching against the blanket.

  • Loud Music + Noise Cancelling Headphones lol. Would need to buy the headphones tho.

Any better ideas? Would appreciate you helping me out guys!

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If you’ve been using your handy for a while then you’ve probably noticed it getting slightly louder with gradual use; maybe lubricating it with grease as said by the “Caring for your handy” page will bring it back to relatively low noise. Worked for my situation; I still mask my usage with music through speakers, though.

EDIT: Or, you know, they’re neighbors. You can just say you’re printing a bunch of shit if they ever ask about those robot sounds.


Thanks, I actually just got the handy. So I hope it won’t get louder in the first place lol, good to know!

turn on your tv and have that for sound too lol. But if you could enclose the handy in something or prop up the blankets so its not hitting them but still covered also a pillow on top of the blankets works really good too. I have a keon and thats what I do is blankets then pillow on top and turn the tv on and fan lol. I hope this helps you

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i discovered that in my head my handy made more noise then it actually did
test it by having it on while on fast and step outside the room close your door and check if you can hear it
i couldnt


By this page, i will require a new Handy sleeve. I was considering taking it apart to lube it, just didnt want to destroy the rubber grips on it to do so. Thanks for the link!

I was thinking about this the other day. Even though it sounds super sketchy to you, I seriously doubt anyone who doesn’t own a Handy would connect “rhythmic robotic noises” to “oh that must be a sex toy”. Like…I doubt 99% of people even realize that it’s a thing to have robotic strokers.

If they hear anything at all, they probably think it’s a printer or a 3D printer or some kitchen appliance. I wouldn’t worry about it.


I rigged up this hands free mount for my Handy and because of it’s arch design, it keeps a comforter propped up so it doesn’t get in the way of the sleeve. I actually pulled an old down sleeping bag out of the closet and drape that over. It tends to work better than a blanket since it’s lighter and holds it’s shape, more effectively staying out of the way than a heavy blanket. It really dramatically cuts down on the noise a lot.


i need to know how you made this and what you used.

I used this tablet stand and just attached it with zip ties and/or tape. Just have to make sure the zip ties aren’t so thick that they get in the way of the slider. I also attached the tablet stand to the Handy so it’s off-center and I can still access the Handy buttons.