[RELEASE] ESTIM funscript to wav

This software converts funscript files into WAV audio files. It doesn’t have many features; the conversion principle is based on the stroke speed to control the volume and frequency. The faster the speed, the louder the volume and the lower the frequency. The dividing line is set at pos=50, above which is the left channel and below which is the right channel.
I only have DG-lab, so this is basically designed for dual-channel. I am just a newbie and self-taught in Python to create this software. I don’t have a deep understanding of E-stim either. Let’s just take it as a joke.
There may be other bugs as well, so feel free to provide feedback.
I apologize for my limited English

I’m checking this out right now. The output seems a bit weird i guess. It seems to be just static like noises. is that on purpose? Are these files meant to be used in a triphase configuration (with a common electrode) or in a dual channel configuration? A further explanation of the the parameters would also be helpful. I am an avid Estimmer, but I don’t understand what the parameters mean. I also noticed that the program seems to crash with a longer funscript. for example it could not finish inferno canto 1 or 2.

Spotted this on Milovana too, and same question here: Why WAV and not MP3? Both existing converters use mp3 from funscript, and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the files. Are you able to offer more definition or improved simulation of a stroke pattern with this format? Would rather see folks improve on the current, tested and proven converters than introduce a new one and restart the whole process. FWIW, in my decade + of stimming, I can’t discern the sensation differences between a WAV and MP3. Some in the past argued that clarity of a signal in WAV was better, but I’ve not seen any recent evidence?

seems to be working now. No more excessive noise. Some files seem to have volume in both channels, others have almost nothing in the right channel. I’m sharing 2 so you can see. Still fails on a larger file such as inferno I.